Click here to see the photo gallery of the construction of St. Rafqa's basilica
Click here to see the photo gallery of the construction of St. Rafqa's basilica

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تساعية مار يوحنا الحبيب (1,205KB)

Prière à Notre Père pour obtenir la guérison intérieure
صلاة للرب يسوع
Prayer for Lord Jesus Christ Prière à Notre Seigneur, selon le Père Gabriel Amorth
Prière pour Jésus-Christ
صلاة للقديسة رفقا - 1 PREGHIERA
Prayer for  St. Rafqa - 1 صلاة لقلب يسوع
Prayer for  St. Rafqa - 2 زيّاح القدّيسة رفقا
Prière pour Sainte Rafqa زيّاح الرسولين بطرس و بولس

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St. Joseph's Monastery, Jrabta - Tomb of St. Rafqa ST. RAFQA & People Living in St. Joseph's  Monastery Celebrations in St. Joseph's Monastery SAINT RAFQA in the Vatican Miscellaneous
St. Joseph's Monastery, Jrabta, Batroun St. Rafqa & People Living in the Monastery The Celebrations in the Monastery Rafqa in the Vatican Miscellaneous
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In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.
 Glory to God, the Father who called Rafqa to the Holy Monastic life and was for her a father and a mother. Worship to the Son, who made a disciple of sufferings and redemptions.
 Thanks to the Holy Spirit, who strengthened her patience and perseverance.
 Through her intercession, Lord, answer my prayer and grant me the grace that I am asking (…) and I shall exalt You, Father and Son and Holy Spirit with Her all days of my life, forever. Amen.

 (Here the believer prays once: Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory).

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01 - 'inda aqdami salibika
1.810 KB / 1'19"
02 - Lmalkut rawmu: 'al turo moran
 2:755 KB / 1'58"

01- 2anoun تقاسيم على القانون
 2.790 KB / 1:58 min
07- Marmar Zamani
 مرمر زماني
 2.695 KB / 1'54"

01 - 7ina Yaghfou l Nour حين يغفو النور
 2.772 KB / 1'58"
02 - Bta3lim il 2iddisinn 
بتعليم القدّيسين
 2.513 KB / 1'47"

01- Psaume 100: Acclamez au Seigneur,
Ihtifou Li Rabb 4,382 KB / 3'42"
02- Oh mon Dieu, Ya Ilahi
 4,793 KB / 4'05"
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Father Elias Hanna O.L.M.

Saint Rafqa The Lebanese Maronite Nun
Her Life and Spirituality -
Father Paul Sfeir

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St. Joseph's Monastery - Tomb of Saint Rafqa, Jrabta, Batroun, LEBANON.

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Click here to visit the Choir of Saint Rafqa facebook page Click the icon to visit the Choir of Saint Rafqa facebook page

Click here to visit the Choir of Saint Rafqa facebook page
Chorale de Sainte Rafqa
Choir of Saint Rafqa
جوقة القديسة رفقا



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Same as Rafqa's parental house in Himlaya

1- RAFQA in Himlaya (1832 - 1859)
2- RAFQA in the Congregation of the Mariamettes (1859 - 1871)
3- RAFQA in the Lebanese Maronite Order (1871 - 1914)
. In the Monastery of St. Simon El Qarn in Aita (1871 - 1897)
. In St. Joseph Monastery Al Dahr in Jrabta (1897 - 1914)
Pope declarations concerning RAFQA


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0228/0380216/002/0571/000 US Dollars
Bank: Credit Libanais
Agency/Branch: Batroun
Couvent Saint Joseph-Jrabta
Account No:
031 001 160 0005587 00 0 USD
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The administration

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Miracles & Graces

. First Incident (with Mother Ursula DOUMIT)
. The Miracle occurred with Celine Sami RBAIZ
(adopted to declare RAFQA, Saint on June 10th 2001)

. Miracles of recovery through the intercession of Saint Rafqa
. Saturday September 14th, 2002  |  Jacqueline Al-Fakhoury
Saturday September 14th, 2002  |  Rita Essam Ghrayeb
Jounieh June 25th, 2001  |  Dalla Toufic Rizk
. Rita Abou Haidar
. Vicky Daou Aakli
. Samir Fayez Al-Badoui
. Karen Faddoul

. Marina Noh
. Mandou Elias Mikhael Rustom
. Nahed Nassar





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زمن الميلاد - صلوات ونصوص ميلاديّة
Biblical Texts in Christmas time
نصوص كتابيّة
Textes Bibliques



السنكسار الماروني (سرد حياة القدّيسين)

  . تذكار ميلاد سيدتنا مريم العذراء الكلية القداسة (8 أيلول)
  . عيد إرتفاع الصليب المكرّم (14 أيلول)
  . عيد القدّيس أنطونيوس الكبير (17 كانون الثاني)


Directions: Via the North bound coastal highway. Turn right at Madfoun bridge towards Thoum, Rashana, Smar Jbeil, Jrane.